Electrical Fixings & Fastenings

In conjunction with ERICO® CADDY®, Energy Correction Options are able to provide electricians and contractors some of the most innovative solutions for supporting conduit, cable tray, wire and datacomm cabling.

Our range includes fixing, fastening and support products for use in electrical installation, datacom, telecom, fire protection, seismic and HVAC applications.

The CADDY® range includes nuts, bolts, fasteners, cantilever brackets, clips, clamps, hangers, and straps in Galvanized, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Stainless Steel and CADDY® ARMOUR – just the right protection for your applications. The CADDY® Range is specifically designed to save labour time, the biggest costs to any company.

Just some of the labour saving initiatives:

  • CADDY® SPEEDLINK Catenary Wire Systems
  • CADDY® Rod Lock Threaded Rod Mounting Systems
  • CADDY® Pyramid Rooftop Support Systems
  • CADDY® Metal Stud Wall Brackets, Punches and Grommets

There are over 700 products in the CADDY® Range, with new products continually being developed.

For assistance in application of Caddy Products or if you think that we might be able to help with your Electrical Fixing and Fastening needs in Queensland or Western Australia, contact the Energy Correction Options office located in Brisbane.