Lightning & Surge Protection

As the single largest stocking distributor for ERICO® in Australia, Energy Correction Options adopt the Erico Six Point Lightning Plan when it comes to providing Lightning & Surge Protection Solutions.

The Six Point Plan involves:

  • Capture the lightning strike on a purpose designed air terminal.
  • Conduct the lightning currents to ground safely on a purpose-designed downconductor systems to reduce risks of side flashing.
  • Dissipate the energy safely into the earth with minimal rise in ground potentials with the use of low impedance earthing systems.
  • Eliminate ground loops and differentials by bonding all earthing systems together.
  • Protect equipment from surges and transients on power lines.
  • Protect equipment from surges and transients on communications, signal and data lines.

Our systems and products ensure compliance with Australian Standards and generally offer the highest level of protection available.

Protect your buildings and electrical equipment with lightning protection and surge protection from ERICO. Engineered to last, ERICO’s protection systems can be trusted to help prevent fires, structural damage to buildings and catastrophic failure of sensitive electronic, computer and telephone systems.